How to be a volunteer

While more and more people are crossing national borders, it is getting increasingly important to promote the global awareness at a grassroots level.  MAFGA offers many projects pursuing “respect for human rights of foreign residents” and “realization of diverse culture compatible community”, with the help of many resident volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, your first step is to sign up for “Volunteer Training Seminar.”

* Volunteer Training Seminar

The seminar provides skill up trainings for volunteers to be involved with MAFGA’s person-to-person supports such as Japanese language exchange, support programs for children and youth with a foreign background, multilingual everyday life consultation service, etc.

[Date] Twice a year, spring and fall
[Place] MAFGA Meeting Room
(For more specific seminar schedule, please contact MAFGA)

* Volunteer Skill up Training

MAFGA’s volunteer services include wide variety of specialties.  We provide various volunteer skill up trainings on an irregular basis for our volunteers to help solve “concerns caused by lack of experience” “confusion from not knowing how to handle matters on site”, etc.

The training offers different themes ranging from “What is easy Japanese?” to “facilitation tips and techniques” used in a group meeting, etc.  Please contact MAFGA for more information.