Learn at seminars

MAFGA provides many seminars to brush up your skills for volunteer activities and language programs.  Contact MAFGA for schedule and more details.

Periodical Seminars


* Language courses for international understanding

Experienced foreign instructors provide various language courses such as English, Italian, Chinese, etc., with a lot of fun.  Our semester courses run from May to September (First semester) and October to March (Second semester).  We also provide classes for kids.   We, together with “Club de Amigos de Latinoamérica de Osaka”, an NGO contributing translated books and math workbooks to Children in Peru, offer “Spanish classes (throughout a year)”.

* For more details, please see “Language courses for international understanding” under “Join! Cultural Exchange by language”

Seminar instructors; Mr. Gagner, English conversation courses and Mr. Fino, Italina conversation
“It’s never too late to start learning anything.  Why don’t you give it a try?”

Left: Mr. Donal Gagner,  Right: Mr. Giuseppe Fino

Voice from a participant
“All instructors are very friendly.  I can’t wait to see them every week.  A class has a small number of participants so instructions are tailored to meet individual needs.”

Non-periodical seminars

* Volunteer skill up workshop

MAFGA’s many projects are operated by more than 200 volunteers every year.  Throughout a year, skill up workshops under the following themes are offered. (Please contact MAFGA office or see Information updates for details)

1. Teaching skill up workshop for Japanese language

Participants learn essential skills required for “how to teach Japanese”, emphasizing the perspective viewpoint of foreign residents, including teaching “easy Japanese” and Japanese language instruction how-tos.

Voice of a participant
“I learned a clue to what the “easy Japanese” is and that listening carefully, so-called “attentive listening”, is the key attitude when teaching Japanese language.  This awareness made everyday volunteer activities even more meaningful.”

2. Volunteer skill up workshop

Participants learn to achieve essential skills to carry out periodical projects such as listening in the other person’s shoe,, a skill so-called “attentive listening”; “media literacy”;  “facilitation tips and techniques (leading discussion)” for a group work project; “information updates on local globalization”, etc.

Voice of a participant

“I participated in an instructor training workshop to carry out international understanding programs at schools.  I received many useful tips for telling how interesting cultural differences could be and how wonderful the world is.”

3. Seminar for children “Learn the world through playing games!”
This seminar targets elementary school students and middle school students.  Participants learn different cultures and languages of many countries from experienced local foreign residents as an instructor.

Voice of participants
“We learned how to count numbers in Korea and had opportunities for beating a chango (Korean drum).  It was a lot of fun.”

4. Daily life information seminar for foreigners
Participants learn vital knowledge required to live in Japan such as “how to assort household garbage”, “Revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law”, etc.  MAFGA co-hosts this seminar with Minoh city.

Voice of a participant
“This seminar helped me to understand the rules of garbage separation and why.  I appreciate a seminar like this, for I hardly have a chance to voluntarily participate.”