Meet in Our Community

MAFGA provides programs that bring cultural experience near you in everyday life through having meals, going out together and sharing experience.

“Kizuna”, a home-visit program for a foreign student

This program receives foreign students from all over the world as a city resident living in the same community and promotes mutual multicultural understanding and international exchange.  Specifically, the program involves family-based exchange activities including having meals at home, going out together, etc.  This is not a home stay program.  “Sleeping over” is not involved.  “Kizuna”, a volunteer group operating the home-visit program, also hosts cross-cultural events as necessary.  “Kizuna” collects host families from July to September and February to March.  Contact MAFGA for more information.

Sekai o tsumami-gui (Picking up world food!) Challenging cafe

With people from different nations living together in Minoh city, local foreign residents cook meals of their own countries.  Staff members, with foreign residents being the core members, are in charge of this project from menu planning, sample tasting, publicity including flyer productions.  You can enjoy lunch and drinks of different countries that are hard to find.  Please come and try.  MAFGA also wants chefs and staffs who are willing to be a part of this project.  Contact MAFGA for more information.


Date and Time: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 to 17:00
Place: KJ WORKS Gallery “Kurashi no mori” (next to “Saina Mimasaka”) Ao-minami 1-16-29, Saito, Minoh)

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