Have Fun in Various Events

MAFGA’s major projects among many annual events are introduced.

Annual events

* Multi-ethnic Festival

This is the very major annual event.  The event unfolds “World Food Festival”, named after a variety of ethnic stalls; international flea market run by local foreign residents and many NPOs; folk dances and music performed on a stage; “Kaekko”, a toy exchange activity for kids, and many more.  Volunteers (120 volunteers every year!) for this event are very welcome.

Voice from a participant

“This is a very fun day for young and old with food stalls and stage performances of different countries.  It’s like traveling overseas while you stay in Japan.”

* Volunteer General Meeting

This is a bi-monthly general meeting on volunteer held by volunteers for volunteers. The volunteers go over the MAFGA’s activities of the year and discuss how the experience should benefit to plan the projects for the years to come.  Those who “hope to volunteer in a future” and “are simply interested” are also welcome.  Once in this meeting, the activities of MAFGA’s project groups are grasped at a glance.

* Chit Chat Cafe with foreign residents

MAFGA holds, with the help of Center for the Study of Communication-Design (CSCD) at The Osaka University, “Chit Chat Cafe with foreign residents” for Japanese and foreign residents, the two parties with few opportunities for in-depth talks.  They meet four times a year at “Orange Cafe”in The Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus.  Talks cover many topics from “What is the mother tongue?”, “Regarding people’s names” to “What is the root?”, etc.  All is welcome.

Date & Time: 4 times a year (see the Event Calendar)
Place: “Orange Cafe”, The Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus

Voice of a host
“This is an interesting space where you can profoundly talk with students from a young generation.  Orange Cafe provides a comfy atmosphere and I always wonder where a topic will be leading me to.”