Project Plan

In conformity with three fundamental project lines; “Respect for human rights of a foreign resident”, “Establishment of diverse culture compatible community” and “Promotion of resident-oriented global awareness activities”, MAFGA performs various community-based global awareness projects with help of local residents participation.

A comparatively large number of foreign students, professors, school teachers and personnel and family members of these people live in Minoh city because Osaka University (Minoh Campus) and Osaka International School are located, while many permanent Korean residents, so-called “old comers”, and foreign residents who came to Japan when married to a Japanese citizen also live in Minoh city.  Additionally, more and more foreign residents come to Japan for the purpose of business.  Thus, the population of foreign residents accounts for more and more every year.

Minoh city is characterized with residents of over 80 different nationalities living dotted in small groups.  Under such a circumstance, MAFGA plays a role of fixed-point observatory to form a community and nurture talented people.
MAFGA, on top of other projects meeting many different needs by foreign residents, also encourages the participation of people with diverse culture in the local community and challenges to local community revitalization, development of global human resources and activation of local economy including tourism.

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