Group programs

MAFGA provides many group programs for local citizens’ groups, NPOs and schools.  Please contact us for a program you are looking for.

Group Program 1. Foreign Lecturer outsourcing program

What can we do in this particular era when world wide challenges such as global warming and prolonged economic depression, to name a few, are growing more seriously, while as many as more than 3 million people, feeling so uptight and hopeless, commit suicide nationwide.

To provide opportunities to study human rights and international understanding, MAFGA offers service for sending out local people with foreign background as lecturers to schools, kindergartens and organizations.

Conditions on lecturer outsourcing:

1. Remuneration payable to a lecturer (5000/hr is required).
2. About 2-months preparation time is required before the lecture day.
3. A meeting must be arranged to plan a lesson together by the lecture day.
4. Transportation fee or transportation must be provided between the location to which a lecturer is dispatched and the nearest station thereto.
5. Report must be submitted after the lecture.

Content: Lecture, workshop, etc., on human rights of foreigners, diverse culture compatibility and global understanding.
Host: Minoh city and Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)
(To learn more about the lecturer outsourcing, please contact MAFGA.)

Group Program 2.  Translator dispatching program for schools

MAFGA coordinates schools and kindergartens/nursery schools with a translator/interpreter by a request from municipal or prefectural board of education so that a child or student from abroad does not suffer a loss caused by poor command in Japanese.

Conditions on translator outsourcing:

1. Remuneration payable to a lecturer (2500/hr is required).
2. About 2-weeks to 1-month grace period is required before the day a translator is dispatched.
3. Transportation fee or transportation must be provided between the location to which a translator is dispatched and the nearest station thereto.

Content: Translator is usually dispatched twice a week for 2 hours a day for 3 months.
Host:  Minoh city board of education and Minoh Association For Global Awareness (MAFGA)
(Translator may not be found for some minor languages.  For details, please contact MAFGA.)

Group Program 3. Translation outsourcing service

With the cooperation of registered volunteer interpreters and translators, MAFGA receives translation service.  This service is dedicated to local NPO, organizations, government and municipal offices, not individuals.

Conditions on translation: Please see below.  For any question, contact MAFGA.
(Translator may not be found for some minor languages.  For details, please contact MAFGA.)

Translation service: Fee and procedure

Language 1. Translation
2. Proofreading by a native speaker
Japanese(1260 letters)→Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc. 6,800 yen 5,500 yen
Japanese (1260 letters)→English 6,200 yen 5,000 yen
Korean (400 words)→Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. 5,600 yen 4,500 yen
English (400 words)→Japanese 5,000 yen 4,000 yen

Please select 1 or 2 in the above Table.
1 = Translation and typing (Word file)
2 = An already translated document is proofread by a native speaker of the language requested and corrected by handwriting.

An order placed is processed as follows.
Give us a call for an estimate→Receive the estimate→MAFGA sends an order request to a translator→Translator at work→Translated work is sent back to you with a bill.

Translation is completed in 2 to 5 weeks.  We may be unable to be of your service for the translation of some minor languages and/or a content.

Group program 4. Support programs for citizen’s activity

In tune with NPOs promoting the cross-cultural activities in the neighborhood communities, MAFGA provides the following support programs.  Please use a program that suits your need.

* Citizen’s activity support system (provides know-hows)

This is an event planning support program for organizations and NPOs promoting the community-based global awareness activities.  MAFGA answers questions you may encounter in everyday work such as “how should I plan an event?”, “how do I arrange publicity for an event or activity?”, etc.  MAFGA is also open to any idea on “a collaborative event with us.”  (Application required 2 months in advance of the intended event date.  Please contact MAFGA for more information.)

* Information exchange at group network meeting

The organizations and NPOs engaged with community-based global awareness activities get together biannually and exchange information.  Please contact MAFGA for more information.

* Flyer insertion in MAFGA’s volunteer activity information magazine (publicity support)

Supporting members only!
Supporting members are privileged to insert an event publicity flyer of his or her organization to “Melon”, a monthly volunteer activity information magazine published on the first Tuesday.

– Individual member (2,000 yen/yr): once a year/person
Corporate (group) member (10,000 yen/year): three times a year/member
(both under the condition of helping handling and mailing out the magazine)
– Deadline for flyer insertion: by the 20th of a previous month of the flyer insertion month desired.
– Number of copies required:
1. About 350 copies (for the insertion to the individual support members only)
2. About 1000 copies (for the insertion to the  public facilities and all other NPOs)

Group program 5.
Paid advertisement in MAFGA’s volunteer activity information magazine “Melon”

You can buy one advertising space in a 6-month unit in MAFGA’s volunteer activity information magazine “Melon”.   A 20% discount is offered to our corporate support members (annual member fee: 10,000 yen).

Unit price list: The unit prices are listed below.  Please note that an additional price is required if you place an order of producing an advertising copy.  (Please contact for more information.)

 1. 6-Month contract

1 Frame advertisement (59㎜W×60㎜H)     5,500 yen
2 Frames advertisement (118㎜W×60㎜H)  7,500 yen
3 Frames advertisement (171㎜W×60㎜H) 10,000 yen

2. 1-Year contract

1 Frame advertisement (59㎜W×60㎜H)     10,000 yen
2 Frames advertisement (118㎜W×60㎜H)  14,000 yen
3 Frames advertisement (171㎜W×60㎜H)  18,000 yen

3. 4-Month contract + an introductory article on an ethnic dish or a variety shop (a 1/2 page, once time appearance)

The price is the same as the 6-month contract’s.

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