We help you solve problems and concerns in everyday life

We provide multilingual consultations to help foreign residents solve problems and concerns on everyday life in the hope of developing a city where foreign residents stand on their own feet and live fullest in a local community and diverse cultures are respected.  MAFGA also supports resident-oriented activities relating to cross-cultural activities and diverse culture compatible activities.

“Multilingual Consultation”

“Having trouble reading documents written in Japanese?”, “Concerned about parenting?”, “facing problems at work?”, etc.,  We offer consultations on issues foreign residents may have to deal with in everyday life.  Our consultants listen to your concerns and try to work on the problem together with you.  Please feel free to stop by for any concerns you may have.

Date & Time:  Tuesday 11:00 to 14:30
Language available: English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese (Tagalog and Vietnamese 2nd & 4th Tuesdays only)
Location: MAFGA office
How to consult: Office visit or call (*Please call us before your visit.)
Phone: 072-727-6912
Fee: Free

“Consultation on cross-cultural events /resident activities”

MAFGA is open to receive consultation on “planning a cross-cultural event”, “inviting a lecturer for a seminar on diverse cultural compatibility”, “starting a new resident group”, etc.,  from residents/citizens, companies and organizations involved with cross-cultural activities or diverse culture compatibility.  Depending on your need, MAFGA provides information and how-tos or cooperates with your project.

Date & Time:  as required
Location: MAFGA office
How to consult: Office visit or call (*Please call us before your visit)
Phone: 072-727-6912
Fee:  free
(For MAFGA’s cooperation, conditions may need to be discussed.)