When you are in trouble at a hospital

MAFGA refers you to support services that, for example, provides an escort-interpreter to a hospital, receives consultations on medical insurances and medical facilities, so that foreign residents can live in the community worry-free.

Escort-interpreter to a hospital

When you need to visit a hospital or your command in Japanese is not good enough, MAFGA connects you to a translator.

When the service is provided: When foreign residents in Minoh city and neighbor cities request the service; or when medical facilities in Minoh city request the service (provided request must be received up to the day before a patient visits a hospital.  MAFGA, at present, does not provide any service for emergency, night time or cases involving serious conditions.)

Languages available: English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Spanish
Service fee: free

Disclaimer: None of the Minoh Foreign Resident Medical Support Net, volunteer translators, Minoh city or Minoh Association of For Global Awareness in any way whatsoever can be responsible for any problems caused by translation, and the like.  Both parties of an applicant and “the Minoh Foreign Resident Medical Support Net” must sign “Agreement” which states privacy confidentiality policy and a predefined disclaimer.

Tuesday to Saturday 09:00-17:15 MAFGA 072-727-6912
Tuesday to Saturday 17:15-19:00, Sunday, Monday, holidays The Minoh Foreign Resident Medical Support Net 090-5060-3849

 Days when an on-site translator is available at Minoh City Hospital

Volunteer English translator (interpreter) is available at Minoh City Hospital.  Please ask at the reception office if you need a translator at the hospital.

Day & Time:
Tuesday and Thursday 09:00-12:00
Minoh City Hospital (English)

“Open seminar on medical treatment for foreign residents” hosted by Minoh city

This is an annual seminar held to give thoughts on problems and issues on health care environment surrounding foreign residents.

Previous seminars information:

2011 “Should I visit or Not”

– Communication gap between doctors and foreign patients –
2010 “Medical insurance and health care for foreign resident maternal and child health care

– Aiming to establish a parenting-friendly community for everyone ” (Lecturer: Lee Setsuko, Professor, University of Nagasaki)
2009 “Is this only in Japan?

– Multicultural understanding on medical/health care sites – ” (Lecturer: Akio Nishimura, MIC Kanagawa)

Guide for living Minoh City

Minoh city website provides information for foreign residents in Japanese and English.

A Guide For Living Minoh City (English)