MAFGA holds many events and seminars to help the community-based global awareness.  Contact MAFGA for event schedule and details.

Annual events

“Multi-ethnic Festival”

This is the main event MAFGA hosts every year.  The Festival is packed with ethnic cuisine booths “World Food Festival”, International flea market by local foreign residents and NPOs, folk dances and music performed on a stage, and “Kaekko” a used toy exchange game for kids.  Volunteers (120 people every year) to work on the festival day are wanted.

“Multilingual consultation on academic and carrier courses”

MAFGA holds multilingual consultation on academic and carrier courses in November every year.  This is a course guidance with a translator offered by Osaka Prefectural Board of Education for a student with foreign background getting ready for a high school and their parents.  The students and parents can discuss on course selections, get information on life in a high school, listen to stories from older students and meet individually with high school teachers.  This service targets from senior year students in an elementary school to third graders in a middle school.

“General Meeting for Volunteers”

This is “the general meeting of the volunteers, by the volunteers, for the volunteers.”  Looking back the MAFGA activities held in the previous year, we discuss the way how we can maximize the past experience for the services in the following years.  We welcome people “who wish to be a volunteer in a future” or “who are simply interested in volunteer activities.”  At the meeting, you understand the MAFGA volunteer activities at a glance.

“Open seminar on medical treatment for foreign residents”

MAFGA holds this seminar every year in March.  Minoh city and MAFGA co-host the seminar to study problems on the medical treatment for foreign residents.  The host is the “Medical Office Network” consisted of six groups including “Minoh Foreign Resident Medical Support Net” who provides an escort-interpreter to Minoh city hospital, Minoh city (Human Rights and International Affairs Division, Health Promotion Division), Fire Department Headquarters, Emergency Care Center for Children, City hospital and MAFGA.

“Kayano Otakara Human Rights Festival (Right Pier Matsuri)”

The festival is held every year in October.  It is a festival of “Minoh Kayano Central Human Rights Culture Center (nicknamed “Right Pier 21”), located in the Kayano area in the center of Minoh city.  MAFGA joins as a member of the executive committee and provides an ethnic cuisine booth every year.  Many food booths are worth tasting, together with child play area, Japanese drums (“Wa-daiko”) performance, win-a-prize lottery, etc.


“Chit Chat Café with foreign residents”

Japanese and non-Japanese.  They hardly have a chance to talk heart-to-heart in everyday life.  With help of Center for the Study of Communication Design (CSCD), MAFGA holds quarterly a “chit chat café with foreign residents” at “Orange Café” located in Osaka University Toyonaka Campus.  Discussion themes range from “What is the mother tongue?” “What names mean” “What is the root?” to name a few.  All is welcome.

Schedule: Quarterly (see the event calendar.)
Place: Osaka University Toyonaka Campus “Orange Café”

Periodical Seminar

“Language classes for international understanding”

English, Italian and Chinese classes are available by experienced foreign instructors.  Each class is offered twice a year; the first term (May to September) and the second term (October to March).  Language classes for children are also available.  We offer a “Spanish conversation class (a year long program)” together with Club de Amigos de Latinoamerica de Osaka, an NGO who delivers translated picture books and math workbooks for children in Peru.

*For details, please see “Get connected! Language classes for international understanding.”

Non-periodical Seminar

“Skill up training for volunteers”

The MAFGA’s programs are operated by over 200 volunteers.  All through a year, MAFGA provides skill up training programs on the following themes.  (For details, please contact MAFGA or see Information Updates.)

1. Japanese language instruction skill up training

Participants learn the essentials for teaching Japanese language such as “How to teach Japanese” and “Easy Japanese” from the perspective of foreign residents.

2. Volunteer skill up training

Participants learn the vital skills required to operate periodical projects such as “attentive listening” and “media literacy” to learn how to listen others in another person’s position, “facilitation (leading)” for group working, “information updates on community global awareness”, etc.

“Seminars for children   “Learn about the world through plays and words!””

The seminar targets children and students from elementary school to middle school.  The participants have fun and learn about cultures and words from different countries by experienced foreign resident instructors.

 “Seminar on guide to living for foreign residents”

Important information and knowledge to survive in Japan, e.g., “How to sort out garbage”, “Revised Immigration Control”, etc.  The seminar is held together with Minoh city.