Kids and youth! Get together!

MAFGA creates a space for children and young people with foreign background and local counterparts to meet, get connected and excited at a different environment away from their usual schools and kindergartens, separated from their parents.


Place for children ‘KODOMO MOTTO’

Children from foreign countries can play games, study, chat,etc. with each other and volunteer staffs. Fun events are to be held also.
*You can come/leave anytime!

Date & Time: Saturdays 13:00 to 16:00
Location: MAFGA
Target: Students (elementary school to high school) from foreign countries
Fee: Free
How to use: Registration needed at Multicultural Center


Study Support ‘SAPORUTO’

University students and volunteers from community will help study Japanese and other school subjects.

Date & Time: Saturdays 10:00 to 11:30
Location: MAFGA
Target: Students who need help with studying Japanese and other school subjects from elementary school to high school
Fee: Free
How to use: Registration needed at Multicultural Center



“Multicultural Child Care”

For mothers and fathers who come to study Japanese with little ones, MAFGA provides a nursery room separate from the Japanese language classroom so that they can study care free.  In the nursery room, children play with volunteers using toys, taking a walk (just within the MAFGA area), reading books, etc.  This is the child’s first step into the social life.

Date & Time: Tuesday 10:00 to 12:00 / Thursday 10:00 to 12:00
Child eligible: Those from age 1 to before elementary school admission, with a parent enrolled in the Japanese classes.
Location: MAFGA
Number of child per Japanese class: up to 10 (a lot is drawn when more than 10 children applied)
Fee: Free

 Learn the world through playing games!

Local foreign residents and their children become your lecturers to teach you languages, plays and culture of their own country. They allow you to physically feel what is like to be culturally different through experience of, for example, riddles using photographs, games involving body movements, playing the ethnic musical instruments, etc.  All elementary school students and middle school students are welcome to experience the world!

Date & Time: Any time as required
Students eligible:  Elementary school students, middle school students (any nationality/background)