Personal programs


Programs for Individuals

Every single foreign resident living in Minoh should live to the fullest without being prejudiced against nationality and ethnic background; Different cultures should mutually be understood and a supportive community should be developed all together. 

To help realize this goal, MAFGA provides multilingual supports in the form of information distribution and daily life consultations. The programs are designed to well meet individual needs.

  • Events
    You can make new friends and learn Japanese culture. Join us and have fun.
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  • Consultation
    If you have any problems or questions in your everyday life, including "work-related issues","parenting concerns", etc., share with us. We would like to be of your help.
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  • Nihongo
    There are Japanese lessons in different levels for you to choose from. You can prepare yourself for the life in Japan. Join us to learn together.
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  • Child
    This is the place for children to play together, study together and cheer up with each other. Any children can sign up. Japanese proficiency is irrelevant.
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  • Sickness
    When you are sick, we come along to a hospital in Minoh city. For a physical check-up, we help you communicate with medicare providers.
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