“Wai-Wai”Multi Lingual Gathering Tuesday, 26th November


2013 The 3rd Event “Wai-Wai”Multi Lingual Gathering          
In the coming “Wai-Wai”event, we will have a talk about women’s health over tea. Take this opportunity to reconsider your health. You will have a chance to discuss your troubles individually if you have any.

Date and Time: 11:30-13:00, Tuesday, 26th November 2013
Place: Minoh City Multi-Cultural Center (MAFGA)
For whom: Foreign Residents (female only)  *You can join with your children.

11:30-12:00 You will have your blood pressure and fat taken.
12:00-12:30 A health nurse will give a talk on health management, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc.
12:30-13:30 You will have an individual talk with a nurse if necessary. Reservation needed.

Lecturer: Ms. Chiaki NAGATANI, a health nurse, Minoh City
Fee: Free (Drinks and snacks will be available.) 
 *You may bring your own food/drinks.
Contact: Kim/Chou (MAFGA)