The latest (Oct-Nov) “THE MINOH POST” (a multilingual living guide) is ready.


多言語情報誌「みのおポスト」 最新版 【2017年10月18日発行】

A Multilingual Living Guide “THE MINOH POST” The latest issue  【published on October 18, 2017】

다언어생활정보지 「미노오 포스트 」 최신판  【2017년10월18일 발행】

多语言生活信息《箕面信息》 最新版(中文) 【2017年10月18日发行】

≪Top News≫
・Resident Associations Foster Neighborhood Ties
≪Voices of International Residents≫
No.3 Mr. Zhang Lanfan
≪Minoh City Information≫
・Disposable Diapers Are Provided for Physically Disabled and Elderly People
・Do Not Miss the Annual Health Check-up
・Information from Minoh City Hospital
・English Version & Chinese Version of Kenshin Guidebook Available Now
・You Will Receive a New National Health Insurance (NHI) Certificate
・When You Got Injured in a Traffic Accident and You Pay Your Medical Expenses with National Health Insurance (NHI)
・Health Check-Up for New Elementary Schoolchildren and Kindergarteners
・New Nursery in Saito Area
・Applying for Nurseries (Entry in April 2018)
・Minoh 100yen Shopping Street
・Ticket for Free Garbage Bags
・Town Hall Meeting with Minoh City Council Members
・Seinan Lifelong Learning Center Will Be Open in February 2018
≪MAFGA Information≫
・Briefing Sessions for Recruiting THE MINOH POST Volunteers
・Picture Book Storytelling Sessions (in Vietnamese & Hindi)
・Multilingual Consultation about Going to a Japanese High School
・Onohara Marche
≪Information and Events≫
・2017 Kayano Otakara Jinken Matsuri (Kayano Human Rights Festival 2017)
This Year Special Is Music Festival!
≪Information of Daily Life≫